The digital layout 1 course was all about learning the basics of Adobe Indesign. One of our final projects for the course consisted of creating a six page magazine spread that focused on any topic or cause of our choosing. We were instructed to include photos, graphics, pull quotes, charts and captions and design the spreads in a creative way that also reflected the tone of the article.
Our second final project for Digital Layout 1 consisted of designing a poster meant to represent a good cause. I chose Reshma Saujani's Ted Talk presentation on the creation of her company, Girls Who Code. This poster is a representation of her message that women are raised with the idea of perfection as the ultimate life goal. Saujani's talk reflected on the beauty of failure and how brave it is to reject the idea of perfection. 
The above poster was also featured in the faculty-curated Year End Show (YES) at the end of the spring semester. 
The Visual Content for Social Media Course gave me a lot of insight into developing my own brand and style. My professor used these exercises to encourage us to experiment with mixing colors, fonts, and imagery to get us to include our own personalities into our work. The first two images above focused on just colors and fonts while the third image narrows down those options and combines them with my style of street photography. The third image was also featured in YES.
All of these images were created using Adobe Indesign.
The above image was another assignment for the Visual Content for Social media course. The instructions for this project were to gather three photos that featured analogous, complementary, and triad color schemes and pull the colors out of the images using Adobe Photoshop tools. The photos I used were taken by me as well.
One of our many projects in Photoshop 1 was to use my professor's template to create a vinyl record or cd cover. Vinyl record collecting is one of my hobbies, so this project was a lot of fun for me. We were instructed to create these covers as if we were the musical artist and needed to include interesting fonts and textures.

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